Major Cloud & Social Media Announcements at Dreamforce

7 12 2010

Wow!  The pace of change continues to increase – and for the better.  I just attended the Dreamforce keynotes this morning and there were some pretty interesting announcements.  First, a couple word on itself.  They are now at a $1.7 billion per year run rate and are rated as the #4 fastest growing company in the Fortune 500. Impressive.

Mark Benioff spoke a good bit about the pace of change; how social media has passed email, how the iPad is selling 1 million units per month, how mobile devices and location-aware apps are changing how we live and work.  What’s impressive to see here is how has seen these changes and has leveraged them better than most other large companies out there.  IBM, for example, “gets” it but has just not been quite as agile at internalizing the changes in strategy required to lead in this market.

Some of today’s announcements:

  • Chatter. has done a great job of integrating their social media app, Chatter, into all of their applications.  They say that Chatter is their fastest-growing application.
  • Jigsaw. Likewise, a recent acquisition, Jigsaw, has been integrated to leverage the power of the community to deliver more accurate and complete enterprise contact information, critical to good sales and marketing efforts.
  • Chatter Free. is making a free version of their Chatter app available for free to enterprise users and have gone a long way towards making it really easy for corporate IT to implement it.
  • Free.  In February, they will deliver a free mobile version of Chatter.  The point is that they want everybody using Chatter.  They want to make this the social media platform for enterprise use. Smart idea.
  • is delivering an enterprise-quality database in the cloud for the first time. It supports relational operations as well as full-text search and has a built-in enterprise-class security model.  It also has published APIs that modify themselves as you use the database, making application integration easier.  For more details.
  • Open Programming Languages. also announced that they are partnering with VMware to deliver support for any industry programming language.  Java , for example, will be supported on the platform for the first time.

The conference continues tomorrow and there will be more announcements, but this is significant progress across many fronts including cloud, social media, mobile, etc.  You can follow it all at




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