Android Continues Gaining Market Share on Apple iOS

4 11 2010

This quarter’s numbers are in and they show that the Android platform is outgrowing Apple iOS in the battle for the smartphone market.  Check out the Platform numbers in the latest comScore Mobile report.

comScore September Mobile Numbers

Google has claimed in a number of forums that they are turning on 200,000 new Android phones per day.  Eric Schmidt has been quoted as saying that Apple is “only” turning on 90,000 iPhones per day.  Nielsen says that Google is capturing 27% of the new mobile phone users.

Google article.

It doesn’t take much math to figure out who is gaining market share here.  For the June – Sept period, Google gained market share and RIM, Microsoft, Apple and Palm were all flat or down.

So, why does this matter?

  • Market share leadership means apps are developed for your platform first.
  • Leaders get first choice in strategic partnerships with other companies.
  • Leaders get approached first with new ideas and proposals.
  • In summary: Who will get to be the center of innovation for smartphones
  • And, of course, bragging rights.

Does all of this sound eerily familiar?  It should.  So far, we are tracking the same business model strategy path that we saw before with Mac versus WinTel PC.

The one thing that seems remarkably different this time around is that we are seeing both Apple and Google driving innovation on the mobile platform into their desktop functionality.  Apple “gestures” moving to Mac.  Google moving Android features to Chrome OS.

Disclosure: After months of waiting and watching I recently purchased a Droid.





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