LinkedIn News Sharing: Much More Powerful

22 04 2010

From a perspective of enterprise marketing, LinkedIn has always been especially interesting to me.  Poll after poll has shown that the biggest influencers of opinion in the enterprise world are industry peers and friends.  LinkedIn was built specifically to build trusted groups to connect with, gather opinions and share information – at a professional level.

I really like using LinkedIn for my professional connections and Facebook for my personal socialization.  They are two different worlds, at least for me.

The latest changes to LinkedIn makes News Sharing even more powerful:

  • You get your normal text new update box to fill in.
  • You can also add a link in a separate box.  (Not sure why this is separate?)
  • You can click a box to automatically send the same message to Twitter.
  • You can adjust the visibility: Just your friends, anyone who looks at your profile.
  • Easy re-sharing with groups or individuals.
  • Images and excerpts for articles posted.  This is much more compelling and more likely to get clicks.
  • URL shortener.  You don’t have to go to or other services anymore.
  • Better integration with and sharing from other sites such as the New York Times.

Overall, this makes news posts much more informative and useful than the old 12o (or so) character microblog updates.

The panel at the MIT/Stanford was talking a lot about the quantity and velocity of information the other night.  Their take that our best chance to sort through it all to find what is relevant was from systems.  LinkedIn is doing just that by letting us use our trusted professional peer groups to help do the sorting for us.

This is a really useful upgrade.  Full details in the LinkedIn Blog.




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