Book Review: Inbound Marketing

12 04 2010

So, how many TV commercials do you watch these days?  None, or pretty close to none, I’ll bet. Technology has made it possible for us to bypass interrupt-driven advertising.  Even if the ads get past our filters, interrupt-driven advertising is annoying and unlikely to improve the position of the brand paying for it.

We are in the era of “Inbound Marketing,” a book by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah. There is a great quote by Todd Defren in the book that sums it all up:

“Inbound Marketing is findability based on authority based on authenticity based on content based on passion.”

In other words, the goal of Inbound Marketing is to provide amazing content that provides value to your potential customers, which build your authority on the Internet and community around your brand.

Shoving your message at customers (traditional outbound marketing) will not work anymore.  Neither will “build it and they will come.”  A winning Inbound Marketing strategy requires both amazing and useful content and findability.  This books tells you step-by-step how to go about it.

  • So, you have a corporate Web site.  How are you going to get people to come to it and what are you going to do when they get there?
  • How do you build readership and authority around your corporate blog?
  • It’s easy to build a corporate Facebook page, but how do you operate it in a way that builds community and value in the eyes of customers?
  • How does Twitter fit into the strategy?
  • How can you use bookmarking services like and StumbleUpon to build community.
  • Most importantly; How can you measure Inbound Marketing success (for free)?

This is a great book for people who want a hands-on guide for how to get started on the path to excellence in Inbound Marketing: students or people new to inbound marketing.




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