10 Ways To Get Ready for Social Media

6 04 2010

10 Reasons to Run Like Hell from Social MediaI just read a great blog:  Ten Reasons to Run Like Hell from Social Media.

This blog is great reading, and very funny, but sadly true. The bottom line is that if your organization is not culturally ready for social media, it is going to fail spectacularly! And in this case, the failure will be on a worldwide stage.  Did I mention Career Limiting Move (CLM) here?

The reasons to run away from social media are in the blog. Here are my ideas on how to get ready for social media if you are not sure that you are today.

10 Ways To Get Ready for Social Media

  • Have a compelling message. Nobody is going to look if you can’t catch their interest and catch it quickly with something compelling that they care about.
  • Have amazing content. Once you catch their attention, the only way you are going to keep them and keep them coming back to your site is amazing content that provides value to them (not to you).
  • Listen to your customers. Blasting your message at people and interrupting them to make them listen is a dead concept. Get ready for a two-way conversation or don’t go at all.
  • Act on what your customers tell you. Listening and doing nothing will turn your customers off quickly. You have to actually do something with the input. I can’t think of anything that will energize your fans more.
  • Give customers a forum to speak. If your product or service is any good, they won’t trash you. Even better, the word of satisfied customers counts for far more than any “marketing BS” you can publish.
  • Be authentic. Have an open an honest conversation with your customers. Admit mistakes and learn from them. Thank your customers for pointing out problems. If you listen and respond well, they will appreciate it. It takes some guts to give them the microphone, but what are you afraid of?
  • Empower your staff. You have many types of customers. Empower your staff to communicate with them on many levels: marketing, business, technical, customer support, etc. You will have a richer customer relationship and happier customers.
  • Ask customers their opinion. Use the free Web polling tools to ask them what features they would like next or what you should speak about at the next industry event.
  • Let customers into the tent. Secrecy may work for Apple, but for the rest of us opening the kimono a bit and letting customers into the product decision process can be good for us and very energizing for the customers.
  • Give customers reasons to want to connect. There has to be a benefit to connecting or joining. Be prepared to give discounts, sneak previews, and invite them to limited-access events and beta programs.

It’s a different way of doing business for sure, but it is time to get on board. If you still have doubts about social media consider this:

  • If you aren’t on social media, then somebody else is positioning your brand for you out there – and you have absolutely no say in the matter.
  • If you aren’t on social media, then chances are, your competition is and they are developing a much richer relationship with their customers – and possibly yours.



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