Adobe Offer to Buy Omniture

16 09 2009

CNET reported this morning that Adobe has offered $1.8 Billion or $21.50/share to purchase Omniture, a leading Web Analytics company from Orem UT.  CNET Article. A check of the  Web site shows the reported acquisition by Adobe as the top news item of the day.

Later in the day, the Wall Street Journal reported the rumor that Microsoft (Bing) and/or Cisco may be interested in Omniture as well and that this story may be far from over.   WSJ Article.

Whatever the final outcome, this activity shows two things:

  • Web Analytics would be a nice fit with Adobe’s Web creation and management tools.
  • Web Analytics is rapidly becoming a very hot space, particularly for companies that can extend their analytics products or services to include social media.
  • Prediction: We will see more acquisitions of Web Analytics companies this year.

For Marketing Professionals: Watch this space.  Your choice of a Web Analytics tool or service has never been more central to your marketing strategy.




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