Does Social Media Increase Brand Identification?

14 09 2009

I’m always looking for hard data on Social Media and like to pass along interesting studies when I find them. ┬áHere is one from Cone that confirms the stronger association with brand for companies who interact using Social Media.

Cone survey of 1,092 adults.  Some of the key findings include:

  • 56% of respondents fees a stronger connection to a brand they can interact with via social media.
  • 57% feel better served if they can interact via social media
  • The Role of Companies Within Social Networkers, According to Social Media Users:
    • 43% Problem Solving (virtual customer service)
    • 41% Solicit Feedback
    • 37% Provide New Ways to Interact with Brand

Download 2008 Business In Social Media Fact Sheet (requires registration)




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