What’s A Social Media Press Release?

25 08 2009

Swift Communications offered the first template that I am aware of: SMPR template version 1.0.  More recently, Swift came out with an SMPR v1.5 that incorporated some of the feedback they received.

Download Template v1.5

What’s In a Social Media Press Release (SMPR)?

  • More types of SM contact information at the top; email, Skype, blog, etc.
  • The news is presented as a headline plus bullet points or narrative
  • Link & RSS feed to a purpose built del.icio.us page with additional resource materials
  • Two pre-approved quotes
  • Up to three links for more information
  • Buttons for: RSS, Technorati, Share This (universal bookmark), Sphere It (finds related blogs and media), OPML (subscribes you to Corporate Blogs)
  • A section for: Photos, Podcasts, Graphics, and Video
  • And finally it has sections for moderated comments and trackbacks/blogs that links to this news

Why Use an SMPR?

  • It really nets out the news for press and analysts
  • It provides more information if they want it, sort of a double-click effect
  • It provides news in many formate for many communication styles (a good thing)
  • It has easy links to other social media

When Won’t an SMPR Help?

If you are just re-formatting your old press release messages in a new format, an SMPR really won’t do much for you.  For your message to get picked up by social media, you need to be customer-centric in your messaging.  How does this annoncement help people? What problem does it solve?  Why do I give a hoot?

The goal here is about outreach and engaging with customers.  If it is a boring story with a company-centric message, nobody will be interested.

Some Controversy

Future direction of the SMPR has been taken over by the IABC, International Association of Business Communicators.  Press Release.

Two SMPR Examples

Cisco ASR 1000 Router Launch

Juniper Distributed Enterprise Solutions


This looks like a no-brainer.  Why wouldn’t anybody want to do this.?  Some of the specific technologies will change, but the idea is to leverage what is available to get the message out in easy-to-digest and use ways.




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