Ford Motor and Social Media

8 08 2009

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Ford clearly has had some challenges when it comes to their brand image.  Ford needs to overcome past perceptions of their product line and they need to seperate themselves from the other US automakers who have taken government money and who are struggling financially.  Ford is deliberately following a different path.  As a result, they have a rather complex story to communicate; different business plan, new cars, new technology, new overall direction.

Scott Monty is the social media marketing guy at Ford and has published a very informative blog about what they are doing with social media, and they are actually doing quite a lot.    Ford is now the #12 brand overall on the Vitrue social media top 100.  Not bad.

If you read down his blog, he details how Ford has:

More recently, Ford added Twitter to personalize their interactions with customers.  Scott has also done a live Q&A on Twitter with the CEO of Ford.

If you are working to put together a Social Media Marketing plan for your company, Ford would be a good place to look for an example of how to do it.  It’s very well produced, with a lot of good factually information, and no in-your-face selling.

Vitrue Social Media Top 100 (See August 11 blog)




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