Social Media, Enterprise Marketing, and Video at Cisco

24 07 2009
I just had the chance to hear a BlogWell audiocast of  Jeanette Gibson, Director of New Media Corporate Communication at Cisco speaking on what Cisco is doing with Social Media.
There was way too much good content to cover here, but one thing that jumped out at me was the increasing use of video in Cisco Social Media Marketing.  Some key points from the discussion:
Cisco Video Blogging
  • One of the key uses of Social Media at Cisco is to drive industry Thought Leadership.    Cisco Blogs
  • About 25% of all Cisco blogs now include video.
  • Executives are encouraged to video-blog what they are doing any time it is of general interest.
  • Including video is made relatively easy through Cisco’s recent acquisition of Flip Video products.
Cisco Product Launches and Telepresence
  • Product launches at Cisco are moving to worldwide Telepresence events.
  • Product launches have evolved to become “media conditioning.”  The work starts with Cisco vision and strategy communication up to three months before the actual launch date.  This builds interest in the event and allows for customer and partner input to evolve the message.
  • Cisco partners and customers participate in the event live via Cisco Telepresence.
  • Cisco used blogs, video, and Twitter to engage with customer.  Customer comments and requests for information have significantly increased compared to conventional product launch events.
  • Cisco has reduced the cost of launch events by 75% while making the audience feel more directly engaged.
Managing Employee Social Media Activity
  • There has been internal discussion about “corporate brand” versus “personal brand.” Cisco has decided that personal brand is ok.  The key reason is that all business is personal.
  • In the age of social media the important thing is to be open and transparent.
  • Cisco general rules of thumb for employees on Social Media are:
    • No Cisco-confidential information
    • Behave as you would on email – Use good manners
    • Use your real identity.  No anonymity.
    • Be yourself
    • Listen.



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